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  • Whats the difference between the single and the double?
    The Ice N Easy Single comes with 1 x resuable ice bag that is 11 inches in diamater and the compression strap to suit. The Ice N Easy Equine Double consists of 2 x resuable ice bags that are 9 inches in diamater and the compression strap to amtch, with two holes to hold the bags in place. The Ice N Easy Equine Single focuses on a specific injured site (I.E Front of the fetlock) as opposed to the double covering the entire joint.
  • What's in the Ice N Easy Equine Single Pack
    The Ice N Easy Equine Single come with one reusbale ice bag that is 11 Inches in diamater as well as a compression strap that is 11 inches in width to ensure the resuable bag is covered.
  • What's in The Ice N Easy Equine Double Pack
    The Ice N Easy Equine Double comes with 2 x resuable ice abgs that are 9 inches in diamter as well as a compresison strap that is 9 Inches in width and has two inbuilt holes to hold the resuable ice bags in place.
  • How long does the ice stay cold in the bag for?
    There asre significant variables as to how long the ice stays as a solid throughout the use of the product for acture soft tissue injuries such as the ambient weather, temeprature of the horse and the amount of ice placed in bag. In General, the ice will stays as a solid for over 20 minutes (suggested icing time for a horse) whilst in the Ice N Easy resuable ice bag allowing effective transition from one injured site (or leg) to another.
  • How long is Delivery
    On Average delivery will take 3-7 business days
  • Do you do same day dispatch
    Ice N Easy Equine provide a same day dispatch service for those orders prior to 12pm.
  • How do I claim my 3 year warranty
    Ice N Easy Equine offer a 3 year warranty on the reusable ice bag for unforeseen damage that has occured not inflicted by phycial contact causing breakgaes on objects suchs horses, felcelines, stables or floats. If you resuable bag breaks unavoidably, please email with you Name, Date of purchase, your order number (if applicable) and a picture of the bag. Ice N Easy Equine will get back to you within 48 hours with confirmation of address for a new resuable bag.
  • Do you offer instalment payments
    Ice N Easy Equine offers afterpay for online payments. The Afterpay service allows 4 easy payments.
  • How do I clean and store the product?
    Once finished using the bag, empty the contents and wash the outside of the bag to clean from horse hair accumulated during the icing experience. Place upside down to dry both the inside and outside of the bag. The compression strap can be hosed down and hung to dry where-ever conveniant. Once both are dry, roll the bag(s) inside the compression strap and store at room temerpature.
  • What areas of the horse can the Ice N Easy Equine range treat
    Both products will fit on the; Hock Fetlock Knee Shin Navicular Cannon

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