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Ice N Easy Equine prides itself on quality. Whether it is quality service, quality products or quality care, Ice N Easy demands a standard of ourselves. Our reusable ice bag has been close to our hearts for over 27 years, with little changes made to ensure every customer gets the most out of it day in day out with quality at the forefront of all decisions. There is a 3 year warranty on the reusable ice bag to ensure this quality is seen in every ice bag provided allowing for consistent cold therapy for horses. Please see the list of items that are included and excluded in the warranty. 



- Leaking from the cap 

- Hole present prior to use

- Tear due to degradation of rubber velour composite 

- Leaking due to the bag coming away from the plastic rim. 

Not included: 

- Damage to the bag from an external source (Horse, fence line, horse float or hoof) 

- Damage to the bag from placing the bag in the freezer. 

Should you wish to claim your 3 year warranty, please fill in the below form and a representative will be in contact. 

Thanks for submitting!

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