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Ice N Easy Equine Single

Ice N Easy Equine Single

SKU: 00003

The Ice N Easy Equine Single is the experts choice for treating acute soft tissue injuries to lower limb injuries due to its versatility in design allowing for use over multiple locations providing a great resource to decrease inflammation. The use of a velour rubber composite reusable ice bag ensures the cool temperatures are reached and transferred to the injured or inflamed area resulting in a decrease in pain and inflammation. The compression strap has been specifically designed to combat damage to the bag by fence lines or biting whilst providing vital compression to the injured area. The Ice N Easy Equine has been scientifically proven to reach and sustain lower temperatures than gel packs without ice burn. 


The Ice N Easy Equine Single is easy to use, easy to apply and easy to clean, cold therapy solution and a must have in all stables. Sold as a single unit consisting of 1 x 11 Inch reusable ice bag and 1 x compression strap 

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